Local Removals and transport services

Tenerife Storage and Transport Services was established over 4 years ago specialising in storage, long term airport parking and land transportation. We have extensive experience in all types of removals from household, business, furniture, high worth items, large villas to studios and other bulk items such as trailers, jet-skis, caravans and more...
Everyone agrees that moving is stressful. Even if you and your family has moved too many times to count, you probably still worry every time you think about packing up your home. So, to help you reduce your stress during a move, call Tenerife removals and transport to ensure your move is as calm and serene as it can be. Moving is hard so when you add the extra emotional stress of a major life change, moving can actually be a breaking point.

If you are in this situation, and a move is something you must or want to do, then Tenerife Removals and Transport can help you through this extremely difficult time of big change. And remember, let us do the stressful moving while you concentrate on moving into a new life!

International Transport

Tenerife Storage and Transport offers its services to the islands of Tenerife, La Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma. Our customers lead the local consumer goods, automotive, high-tech, trading and perishable sectors.

Tenerife removals and Transport are based in Tenerife but with are we are never far away from you to provide you and your business a reliable transport delivery service to the UK and Europe. We respond rapidly to transport requests. We are able to provide transport services to collect and deliver anywhere in Tenerife. We take great pride in the speed of our service and the professionalism of our staff members. So if you are looking for a courier/transport service that you can rely on to provide the kind of service that is representative of your personal or business needs, then look no further!


We all agree

There are many reasons why you might want to move house, moving to Tenerife is only one of a few! No matter the reason, Tenerife storage and Transport is the only choice for your house moving needs. We’ve been moving houses since 1945 and we know how to move your home or cottage the right way ensuring the structural integrity of your home and the safety of everyone involved.Our experienced staff know how to lift a home and put in onto our specialized moving rigs and trailers properly. We consult regularly during the moving process to make there are no surprises when we arrive at the new location for your house. We have built our house moving business on credibility, professionalism and safety and we take every measure to ensure that your house move goes smoothly and according to pre-planned schedule.