Tenerife - 08.08.2014

We are Tenerife's No.1 for choice in long and short term Storage!
Established in 2014, Tnerife Storage and Parking has grown to be the largest storage company in Tenerife, managing good and vehicles for English, Irish, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, an many other nationalities

Tenerife Storage & Parking is situated in Parque de la Reina and grew slowly primarily offering car storage. Our warehouse is over 2000sq meters and rent individual units of varying sizes from 1 to 20 square meters catering for both private and business sectors. You can rent units to suit your needs and only pay for the space you need. The units are secure, protected by the very latest security technology for your peace of mind and connected to a monitoring station 24/7. To make life even easier for you, Tenerife Storage & Parking can provide all the necessary transport to move all your items.
We are open Monday to Friday from 10.00am to 6.00pm, and Saturdays by appointment.

Find Tenerife Storage and Parkings main office in Adeje, their storage unit is in Parque de la Reina, call  +34 693789670 for English and French customers or  +34 693922948 for Spanish and French customers. You can also find out more by e-mail us at info@tenerifestorage.com.